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Contact our Self-Directed Experts. (800) 395-5200 or Schedule A Call

Contact our Self-Directed Experts.
(800) 395-5200 or Schedule A Call

Contact our Self-Directed Experts. Schedule A Call or Leave A Message

Contact our Self-Directed Experts.
Schedule A Call or Leave a Message

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Broad Financial is the premier provider of
Checkbook Control Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401Ks

We have clients in all 50 states


We Get it

At Broad Financial, we understand nothing is more important to you than your financial future, and you don't want to trust it with just anyone.

Invest in Almost Anything

The most popular investment is real estate, but a Self-Directed IRA allows you to invest in almost any alternative not available with IRA brokerages.

Service you can trust

Broad earns its A+ rating not only because our plans are formed in direct consultation with top attorneys at leading ERISA firms, but every client gets free, lifetime access to our experts.


Take our questionnaire to find out which type of Self-Directed IRA is best for you, based on your investment needs and strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

A Self-Directed IRA (or SD IRA) is an account that gives you the ability to use your retirement funds to invest in “alternative investments,” i.e. investments off Wall Street (not just stocks, bonds, and mutual funds). The most common alternative investment is real estate.

There is a significant difference between regular LLCs and an IRA LLC. Regular LLCs don’t have the ability to hold retirement funds. IRA LLCs, however, have been specifically crafted by ERISA attorneys (“Employee Retirement Income Security Act”) to properly conform with IRS retirement law.

Yes and no. Yes, in that you (or someone you delegate) – can make any investment decision you like as long as you are purchasing stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. No – in that the traditional IRA doesn’t give you the ability put money in “alternative” investments. Thus the traditional IRA doesn’t allow you to achieve full diversification nor the growth and safety potential inherent in true diversification. Once you become active in the alternative-investment arena, you’ll most likely find yourself thinking and acting about retirement with a lot more energy than before.

No IRA, of any type, is allowed to purchase “collectibles” (art, stamps, baseball cards, etc.), or life-insurance contracts. All other investments, alternative and traditional, are allowed. (However, investors should still be wary of Prohibited Transactions.)

Checkbook Control
Unlock the Power of Your IRA

Custodial or Checkbook Control Plan: Which is Best for You? We Offer Both.

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